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Beyşehir Chamber of Commerce Ministry of Industry and Trade General Directorate of Domestic Trade was established with the permission no. (620.2 / 61) 2834 dated 23.01.1985.

The Turkish Chamber of Stocks and Commodity Exchanges (5174) and the Chambers of Stocks and Exchange Laws have defined the duties and activities of the chambers as follows.

To protect the professional morals and tobacco, to ensure that the trade and the industry develop in accordance with the general interests.
To carry out all kinds of examinations related to trade and industry, to make indexes and statistics about the economic and commercial activities within the regions, to follow and record the market prices of the main items,

To submit and certify some documents that will facilitate the work of the chamber members, and to make proposals and wishes to the ministries, agencies, municipalities and authorities concerned about matters related to professional activities.

To identify commercial customs within the region and make them customized

Taking mandatory occupational decisions to be implemented in the field of business and industry.

To fulfill these duties in case of deposition of chambers of business to be provided by the Ministry of Industry and Trade and the Ministry under the legislation.

To establish laboratories and participate in the determination of the qualifications and characteristics of commercial goods.
To open the Trade and Industry courses with the permission and supervision of the Ministry of National Education and to assist the courses opened.

Open local and regional exhibitions, fairs, public stores and libraries.

In case of inquiry: Referee in commercial and industrial disputes

Authorized Ministries establish and manage industrial sites or organized industrial zones in designated areas and areas.

As can be seen, and as outlined above, existing laws and customs have devised a wide spectrum of activities and tasks in the room. Being conscious of this duty and responsibility, Beyşehir Chamber of Commerce has been tasked with the task of increasing its organic ties and providing more functional activities with its members, as well as Beyşehir, Derebucak and Hüyük districts and all institutions and organizations in the region.

To take care of the development of free enterprise in accordance with general interests, to identify the obstacles, to take measures to eliminate them, to take measures to ensure the rapid development of free enterprise, to protect professional morals and tobacco, and to take necessary actions within the possibilities of the laws.

Odam will continue to be insistent and follow-up to communicate its views on general economic issues, as well as trying to resolve problems that may arise in the course of its members’ professional activities.

About Us

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