Beyşehir Industry

Beyşehir Industry

We have tried to explain Beyşehir’s industry under 3 main headings here.

1. Gun and Hunting Industry
Beyşehir is world famous in hunting gun sector. Having started with the repair of Jt guns in 1914 in Huğlu town, this sector became very widespread in time and with the foundation of Huğlu Hunting Guns Cooperative in 1962, serial production started in the region. While production started with lower break action guns with single barrel, double break action was added and capacity has been increased.
Super pose and automatic models have also been added to this range. Moreover, there are cooperatives and private companies producing hunting guns in Üzümlü and Gencek Towns. In the hunting industry facilities of these towns, high quality hunting guns that are masterpieces of a very elegant art with ornamentations and the state of the art technology combined with the efforts of masters have become very favorite in world markets.

2. Andesite Granite and Marble

One of the natural beauties of Beyşehir is mining. The region is quite rich in respect of brown coal and barite. Moreover, there are raw materials of chrome, marble quarries, brick, tile and ceramic soil industry. Andesite stone that is obtained from the quarries in various parts of the town is dominantly preferred as “Beyşehir Andesite Stone” and used in parks, gardens, buildings, etc.
Moreover, there facilities that process raw marble and their number is increasing day by day. The production in our country is also marketed both domestically and abroad.

3. Textile Industry and Weaving

Beyteks Integrated Textile Factory that was founded by Akkanat Holding in 1996 with the aim of increasing employment in Anatolia brought a great dynamism to city’s economy. Beyteks is an integrated textile facility founded on an area of 322.000 m2 with a covered area of 75.000 m2. Producing ready-to-wear garments by processing raw cotton by using the state-of-the-art technology, Beyteks is the first and the biggest industrial facility in Beyşehir.
Beyteks has been making Beyşehir a world-famous city with the brands it creates and exports all of the production. Moreover, there is another Textile Factory belonging to Target Modern Tekstil San. A.Ş. that produces ready-to-wear garments. Beyşehir is also very rich in respect of handicrafts. Having remained under the control of Seljuk state for many years, you can see Seljuk motifs in rugs and weaving of Beyşehir. The wool woven rug that is surrounded by Rumis with blue medals on a white background measuring 180 x 115 cm that was brought to Mevlana Museum from Eşrefoğlu mosque is one of the best examples showing the place of weaving in history. Today, weaving has been continued by the production of rugs and blankets in weaving looms with local motifs in Doğanbey Town. The women in towns and villages weave gloves, socks, scarves, berets, etc. with local motifs and patterns at their homes.


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