Member Relations

Member Relations

Member Relations Policy
Beyşehir acts with the awareness that TO Members are the cause of existence of our rooms and places on this basic principle to manage member relations.

With this consciousness;
The members of the room can reach the information they want at any time, accurate, complete, understandable and easy. All our communication channels are open to you.

It has a credible identity in terms of the protection of member information, the correctness of the information it produces, and the efficient use of resources.

The complaints, requests and inquiries of the members about any subject are evaluated by the chamber without prejudice and fairness.
It has made the principle of increasing the quality of the services it gives to its members. The QMS and Accreditation system has been established and studies are continuing to ensure continuity.

All members of the chamber organ and staff are aware of their duties defined in the Quality Management System and in compliance with the legislation.

When solving the problems of the room and the territory coming from its members, organ members and other channels; solution-focused, fast, productive solutions that can be applied and put into practice.

It is extremely important to protect the members of the chamber from the establishment of the chamber today. For this reason, personal data is always kept confidential.

The Chamber maintains the member’s registration and registration information, financial information, statistical information and other system-related information at all times.

Chamber staff working with the managers in the administrative staff work in accordance with the business ethics, honest and ethical committees

In accordance with the technological innovations and the new management systems, the room makes adaptation studies by giving continuous training to its employees and their members.

It has adopted the principle of increasing its different good practices from other rooms.


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