Beyşehir Transportatıon Informatıon

Beyşehir Transportatıon Informatıon

Beyşehir is quite lucky compared to many other towns in respect of transportation that are lined on Isparta, Izmir and Antalya roads. There are intercity buses departing almost every half an hour (according to the destination). Especially there are very frequent buses to Konya, Isparta, İzmir and Antalya as well as their districts. The buses of companies providing intercity transportation stop by Beyşehir Bus Station (see picture).

Beyşehir is also at a very advantaged location in respect of transportation by private cars. Presence of fuel oil stations and recreational facilities near/far from entrance and exits of Beyşehir also shows the importance given by this city for transportation as well as that it is located on important roads.


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